VoIP Services and Rates

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) VoIP Services are revolutionising the world's phone systems. Change the way you think about phone calls. VoIP takes analog audio signals and turns it into digital data that can be transmitted over an Internet connection.

At Orca we provide the latest VoIP features and technologies for our clients to take advantage of. Below are just some of the services we offer.


At Orca we understand that traditional phone lines are expensive, so we work with companies who have existing on-site phone systems to provide them the benefit and reduced costs of the superior performance of VoIP. Even the oldest phone systems can take advantage of VoIP using a adapter device.

VoIP Trunk-Lines provide our clients with:

  • Reduced cost: typically 30-50% cost reduction
  • Scalability: additional phone lines and phone numbers can be added or removed at any time within minutes.
  • Flexibility: with no need for physical phone lines, things like office moves become much easier.
  • Reliability: even if your Internet connection fails all calls can be automatically re-directed to another office or mobile.

Trunk lines are purchased according to call capacity and are charged @ $10pm per line/phone call.

An unlimited number of lines can be purchased where the only limitation is the capacity of the internet connection being used. Each call uses up to 100Kbit/s, so on a 10Mbit/s Internet connection we will support up to 100 calls at once. Please note this connection speed is required on both upload and download basis.

We highly recommend the use of an Orca Internet connection to ensure call quality at all times. Our trunk lines can be used via any Internet connection, congestion will occur at some point on the open Internet connection between your site and Orca's data centre. The use of an Orca Internet connection removes any chance of congestion.

Take advantage of toll-free numbers from New Zealand and international locations:

Features Include

  • Orca 0800 service provides an online control panel where YOU are in control of all aspects of your 0800 service
  • via VoIP (SIP) to any SIP enabled PBX phone system (free forwarding).
  • Setup time/day diversion rules delivering calls to different destinations based on the time/day of week.
  • Use Geographic routing rules to divert callers to specific destinations based on their national location.
  • Change call forwarding destinations to any domestic or international number land lines, mobiles or all (call forwarding charges apply).
  • Set-up simultaneous ringing destinations or round-robin hunt groups.
  • Configure a digital receptionist to present callers with diversion options.
  • Choose to block or allow mobile calls, and many more...

Toll Free Numbers in all these countries

  • New Zealand (0800)
  • Australia (1800)
  • USA (1800 / 1888 / 1855)
  • UK (0800)

Using the flexibility that our international VoIP / SIP network provides, receiving calls from multiple international locations can cost the same as receiving local calls.

Inbound Call Rates

  From Landlines
 From Mobiles
Monthly Rental
 Setup Fee
Keep Existing Numbers
(*porting fee applies)
NZ 0800 number   $0.05pm   $0.18pm  $10  $0  Yes
 Australia 1800 number*  $0.15pm  $0.15pm  $30  $80  Yes
 USA 1800 number**   $0.15pm  $0.15pm  $10  $40  Yes
 UK 0800 number   $0.15pm  $0.15pm  $10  $40  Yes

** We are unable to supply new USA 1800 numbers; any new numbers will be from the 1888 and 1855 ranges. We can however port (Move) existing 1800 numbers.
(all pricing excludes GST)

We provide standard phone numbers from most international locations allowing your business to strengthen its global presence. We offer international toll free numbers from NZ, Australia, USA and the UK. No permanent address is required in these countries, we simply deliver all inbound calls to the detestation of your choice.

You can register as many phone numbers as you like, and we will deliver them via our SIP Trunk Lines with your choice of access gateways in NZ, Australia, USA or the UK. New numbers are typically available with one hour of ordering.

International DDI/DID phone number pricing:

  • Most International phone numbers are available @ NZ$20 per month
  • No Inbound call charges apply for local DID numbers. *fair usage policy applies.
  • VoIP trunk lines are NZ$10 per month per channel (concurrent call).


We believe our call charges are significantly lower than other providers because we send each call via the internet before sending it back onto the public telephone network. Because sending a phone call via the internet is free, our call charges are much more reasonable.

CALL TYPES         COSTS        
Within Orca  Free
Local Free*
National $0.05
Mobile $0.14*

* If monthly Direct Debit payment facility and contract term used
 All pricing excludes GST


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