Born, raised and matured in the cloud

Cloud phone systems are very different to traditional phone lines and phone systems with most telecommunications companies new to the cloud phone system world.

Since 2008 we have focused exclusively on delivering cloud phone systems in the New Zealand and Australian markets and with our knowledge we provide the features, technology and reliability your business needs to eliminate the complexity of traditional phone systems.

Traditional telco help-desks are often manned by staff that answer calls but cannot directly address questions or issues. With Orca Communications, you will always deal with a skilled systems professional, from sales, to installation and on-going support. We never want to keep you waiting.

Key Benefits


We know your business is distinct. With the full flexibility of on-site phones systems, our unique cloud systems are designed and dedicated to delivering customised features and integration options that best fit your business needs.



We admire simplicity. We provide your business with a system and online management tools that are easy to use while delivering the industry's most powerful features to supercharge your business communications.



We provide efficiency. Our systems completely eliminate the need for on-site telephone system engineers by allowing all changes, support and maintenance to be performed remotely, resulting in time and cost savings for your business.



We provide the industry’s most reliable cloud phone systems. Via our NZ, Australia, UK and USA based data centres we keep your business and people connected at all times even in events like power, Internet and natural disaster outages.

Our system defines the new revolution in communications

High-quality cloud-based phone systems that simply work. Move your team to a whole new level of functionality; with off-site simplicity.

Obtain all the features you need and more with a reliable, efficient system that grows as you grow.

Small Business Systems from $99pm

At Orca, we offer everything a small & medium business would want in a phone system. No need to purchase expensive equipment, our solution comes complete with all the features a business needs.

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Medium & Large
Phone Systems

Today, business phone systems go far beyond the desk phone, at Orca we will work with your business to help you deploy the right cloud-based phone system that supports the needs of your business

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