Working from Home with Orca Cloud Phone Systems


Orca offers simple solutions to allow you and your team to work from any location, from the diversion of main-line calls to one or more mobile phones, video and/or voice-only conferencing calls. We have flexible solutions that can be deployed immediately. 

Orca Voice Conference Numbers

$20pm month including:

Dedicated local dial-in phone number including:

  • Up to five participants (upgrade to support 2000 participants if required)
  • Add conference recording (+$20pm) automatically e-mails recording at end of conference.
  • Add local dial-in numbers from anywhere in New zealand or the rest of the world reducing dial-in cost
  • Add a toll-free dial-in number if required
  • Add separate conference rooms if required.


Please email: support@orcacom.co.nz for more information.


Orca Inbound Call Distribution

Support the distribution of calls to remote and mobile locations without accidentally loosing important calls to mobile voicemail. Keep standard company greetings with or without call diversion options. Divert to one or more mobile phone numbers either diverting to all mobiles at the same time or sequentially calling mobile numbers if the first (or seccound or third...) are not answered.

  • Calls never lost to mobile voicemail.
  • If staff are already on a mobile call, automatically divert to next staff member.
  • divert to one or 100 staff automatically.
  • Built in automatic business hours diversions.
  • View call load and diversions online.


Please email: support@orcacom.co.nz for more information.

Using VoIP Phone From Home

Orca's phone system operates exactly the same way from remote locations

Orca's cloud phone systems can be used from home in exactly the same way they are used from the office. A key requirment to support this however id the upgrade of the home Router to a business grade router and the migration of the home Internet connection to Orca. This ensures reliability as experienced within the office environment.


  • Upgrade home Router
  • Migrate home ISP to Orca


Please email: support@orcacom.co.nz for more information.

Video Conferencing


Orca Video conference options include simple web based options to installed room based options.

Web based video conference relies on the use of a laptop with webcam or mobile phone. Features include:

  • Screen sharing
  • Multi party (up to 100 users)
  • File sharing
  • Whiteboard
  • Chat


Please email: support@orcacom.co.nz for more information.