About Us

What We Believe

At Orca we believe in delivering reliable technology that creates true competitive advantage for our customers.
We do this by thinking differently, designing innovative & ultra reliable communication systems that simply fit & adapt with your business requirements.
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The Detail...

Orca Communications connects businesses by providing enterprise-grade networking, communications and cloud services to business and resellers in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Europe, and Japan.
In contrast to companies that simply resell individual components of communication solutions sourced from multiple service vendors, Orca owns and operates its own National and International IP, VoIP and Cloud infrastructure with data center facilities in each of the regions it operates within. This affords Orca the ability to offer the industry’s best Service Level Agreements with up to 99.99% uptime guarantee options that reflect Orca infrastructure reliability.
Orca further differentiates itself by staffing its support center with I.T. professionals possessing extensive I.T. solution support experience. This contrasts with traditional Telecommunications companies that typically choose to employ non-technical support staff within their support centers.
Orca delivers a full range of managed network services over its reliable and secure network, including Ethernet and transport data networking, a comprehensive suite of enterprise Voice services, high speed internet, VPN and security solutions.


Who we are

Leadership Team

Shannon Walker
Technology Director

Grant Dennis
Managing Director

Rex Lopex
Customer Services Manager