Integrating Zoho to Your Orca Cloud Phone System



Orca Cloud Phone systems can be fully integrated with your Zoho platform helping sales and support teams handle calls more effectively. Your users can manage all of their call-related activities inside Zoho and enrich customer interactions seamlessly through call notifications, click to dial and call recording integration features. Our Zoho Integration service is completely free of charge to all Orca customers.

Simply email: support@orcacom.co.nz to request the activation. Then follow the steps below:


Installation Steps

Step 1 - Enable Telephony in the Zoho portal.  This is found in the Zoho Market Place and can be added through the Settings page in Zoho under 'Channels/Telephony' option.
zoho telephony

Step 2 - In Zoho CRM select the OrcaCom extension from the list of providers in the market place and click the Install button.

Or click here: https://marketplace.zoho.com/ and search for OrcaCom

Orca Banner small

 Step 3  -  Choose the users which you want to enable the Telephony Integration service for or select 'All Users'

zoho Orca select users
You should now see confirmation that this has been activated and that you now need to go to your OrcaaCom Portal to complete the setup.


Step 4  -  Connect Your OrcaCom Cloud PBX to Zoho

Login to your OrcaCom user portal https://(YourCompanyName).orcacom.co.nz
Click 'Zoho Integration' in the main menu under Integration > Zoho Integration
 - if you do not see this option available email support@oraccom.co.nz as ask the team to enable this for you.
Click Connect to Zoho
Enter your Master Zoho Account credentials

Step 5  -  You will be presented with a screen asking for access to your Zoho information.  Click Accept to continue

zoho enable integration from orca

Step 6 -  If everything is working at this point and you do not see any errors then your Zoho user names should be availble for selection within the dropdown box next to each of your extenion names as displayed below. Please select the corresponding Zoho account for each of your extension names and click "Add Association" for each.

zoho screenshot users

Step 7 -  Now go back to the Zoho CRM interface and reload the page if required. If the settings have applied correctly when you open a contact in the Zoho CRM contacts screen beside each phone number you should see a green 'Call' button displayed when you hover over the number. This is the Click to Dial feature.
Click to dial


Step 8 -  When you click the Call button you should see a popup window in the bottom right corner of the screen showing as 'Connecting...'. At the same time the phone you selected for your user login in step 12 above should receive an incoming call. If your phone allows auto-answer then your phone will automatically accept the incoming call otherwise it will ring and you will need to answer the incoming call using your desk or software phone.
Screenshot from 2023 05 18 14 11 51


Step 8 -  Once your phone has accepted the incoming call then you should see the status in the popup window change to 'Calling customer...'. If you do not use Click to Dial to initiate the call but simply dial the customer from your phone manually you should also see the popup appear in the bottom right corner as well.
Screenshot from 2023 05 18 14 58 09


Step 9 - Once the customer picks up the phone and answers the call the status should show as answered and you should see a timer for the call duration.  You can now start entering information about the call in the Call Description text area of the popup window which will be saved in the CRM system call logs.
Screenshot from 2023 05 18 14 12 01


Step 10 - If the number you call is unavailable or Busy then you should see this popup in the centre of the screen with a description of why the call did not connect.
Screenshot from 2023 05 18 15 03 45


Step 11 - At the end of the call the timer should stop counting and turn red and you can then continue to write notes about the call and optionally you can add follow-up actions relating to the phone call by clicking 'Add' next to FollowUp Action. Once you have finished taking notes and have added any follow up action click the Done button.
Screenshot from 2023 05 18 14 12 33


Step 12 - If you receive an incoming call and you are logged into the Zoho interface then as your phone rings you should see an incoming call popup displayed with the details of the caller if these are stored in the CRM system. If not then it will just show the Caller ID information. When you pick up the call and answer and then end the call the same options shown in Steps 9 to 11above will be provided to take notes and set up follow up actions etc.

Step 13 -To review any phone calls that have been made go into the 'Calls' tab along the top of the Zoho Interface. You should see a full list of all incoming and outgoing calls made to your monitored phone numbers and any notes and follow-up actions associated with these calls. If you click on a call you should see all of the information related to that call and if you have enabled 'call recording' on the Hero Cloud PBX platform you should also see a voice recording item at the bottom with a 'Play' button where you will be able to Play back the phone call and listen to the recording inside the web browser. Please allow 1-2 minutes for the call recording to be ready and processed by our platforms.

If you have any technical difficulties setting up the Zoho Integration service then please contact one of our support team for assistance.