Ultra Reliable Business Internet

Service & support included

With remote management & update services included we partner
with our clients to ensure business critical services remain reliable.

Business Internet
from $99pm

Fully Managed
Ultra Reliable

Standard Orca UFB Fibre connections include:

  • Full managed Firewall Router service with free of charge updates & changes*
  • Speed options of 100/200/500/1000Mbps
  • Prioritised 2.5Mbps pipe for guaranteed voice/video call quality
     - Using the C.I.R (click here to see how)
  • Un-metered Internet Data*
  • Business Service Desk support

*Subject to Terms and Conditions


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How are our connections different:

  • Phone calls are GUARANTEED to be reliable using an Orca Connection*.
  • Orca networks are not congested with residential home users.
  • All of our help-desk staff are Kiwi engineers who can actually solve issues quickly.
  • Ultra fast private site-to-site connections available.

Orca Business Connection Options

  • Managed Wide Area Network (WAN) service to privately interconnect multiple locations without traversing the internet (click here for more info)
  • Traffic priortisation/shaping service
  • Site filtering and blocking services (e.g. block facebook access)
  • Comprehensive usage reporting
  • 100/200/500/10000Mbps speed options
  • Add Serviced Business grade UFB router with full voice quality support: +$55pm
  • Add Serviced Business grade Wifi access point: from +$25 per month
  • Service Level Agreemt (SLA) upgrade options



Orca Cloud Phone system


  • Orca Medium & Large Business Cloud Phone Systems (click here)