We connect your business to the world with the best communication technology available.

At Orca Communications, we want to improve the way you communicate. Our cloud phone system is the smart solution in communications and allows you to focus on what you do best, running your business.


We offer flexible and responsive business grade internet connections. Your business is our priority, and our aim is to provide the right plan and proper context to fit you and your business. Our networks are responsive and reliable, free from residential data which typically congests larger telco networks, leaving your business with the business grade performance required at all times.

Our plans are designed to accommodate all business data requirements comfortably. Unlike other service providers who offer unlimited data plans, we work with our clients to remove any incentive to congest network connections with non-business related data. While we understand unlimited plans are an easy way to keep internet usage costs in-check. Heavy non-business related data usage results in congested and slower networks for all users. Our larger competitively priced data blocks are designed to accommodate all business data requirements comfortably while removing any incentive to congest network connections with non-business related data.

Choose from the technology options below and we'll work with you to make sure you have the right technology and the right plan.

Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) offers fantastic speeds compared to other broadband connections and we are one of the only service providers in New Zealand to use UFB to prioritise voice traffic.

Ultra Fast Broadband connections offer very fast connection speeds with speeds of up to 200 Megabits per second. However the nature of all NZ UFB connections dictate that the top speed is not guaranteed to be available at all times unless a Committed Information Rate (C.I.R) is also purchased. At peak times even UFB connections can slow-down due to congestion in the same way that standard broadband connections do today.

Ultra Fast Broadband regulation requires all connections to operate a minimum C.I.R speed of 2.5Mbit/s but this does not simply apply to all traffic using a UFB connection. In order to access the CIR of any NZ UFB connection a suitable router must be used to 'Tag' data before it can use the C.I.R. Also the internet service providers core network must also fully support this method of ensuring a minimum speed. Orca has designed to core network to fully support the use of the C.I.R and provides its own routers capable of selectively 'Tagging' different traffic types (e.g. Voice) to ensure critical data is given the highest priority delivery excellent call quality and responsive networks at all times. For more information relating to C.I.R. please click here.

VDSL2 is the fastest of the copper connection speeds and speeds can vary on average between 20Mbit/s to 60Mbit/s download, typically deliving 10Mbit/s upload speeds.

On a VDSL2 connection businesses can typically support up to 5 concurrent calls at the same time utilising the rest of the bandwidth for traditional internet traffic.

ADSL2+ on average offers speeds of 10Mbps download, 0.5Mbit/s upload however the actual speed can be affected by a number factors such as the exchange.

On an ADSL2+ connection businesses can can support up to 4 concurrent calls at the same time utilising the rest of the bandwidth for traditional internet traffic.

If your business requires high performance and reliability connectivity services then high speed network service (HSNS) is what you need. HSNS is a broadband service with dedicated symmetrical bandwidth specially designed to be delivered over a more reliable class of copper or fibre network. These services are provided with an enhanced Service Level Agreement from the lines companies providing targeted fault resolution time frames.

Managed Private WAN


We also offer managed private wide area networks (WAN) where companies connect all office and/or home-office locations in NZ and off-shore using our broadband or Ethernet connectivity services, without needing to manage individual VPNs at each site, forming a private wide area network where traffic between each location never crosses the public internet. A single internet access gateway is provided for all sites simplifying and enhancing security while increasing access speeds.

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Key Benefits


We know your business is distinct. Choose the exact features and integration options that your business needs and we design and deliver your system to match.



From the ease of deployment, to turning on services, the system we deploy for you is unconstrained. Our online management tools are simple with the key powerful features your business needs to supercharge its communications.



We offer capabilities like geo-redundancy, your dedicated environment is significantly more cost effective than building and maintaining your own system



By nature the Orca Cloud Phone System offers 99.99% reliability of service. Your business remains connected during power and internet outages, even natural disasters keeping your business and your people connected.