Cloud Call recording

Call recording is a powerful, flexible business tool essential for any business serious about providing great customer service. Recording also ensures that your business is compliant with local and global regulations. Looking to improve service delivery? Simply add call recording to your VoIP cloud-based phone system.

Call recording benefits

Improve your customer interactions

Review and track calls to learn what interactions work best, improve interactions and rapidly resolve any customer disputes.

Your customers will positively note the improvements you make.


Ensure regulatory compliance

Minimise liability risks by recording key interactions. A verbal contract, or a dispute? A database of recorded calls can help your business comply with legal and industry requirements.


Provide more effective staff training

Recording calls makes it far easier to evaluate staff performance. Pinpoint top performers in your call centre and use their techniques to train less experienced staff.

Every contact point is essential in encouraging valuable, repeat business.


Listen to voice recordings anywhere

Our cloud-based web application gives you the flexibility to review voice recordings wherever you are, on any device – you simply need access to the Internet.
Search, filter and run reports in just a few seconds